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Bag Collections Teach Aha Moment

When folks tell me bag collection events are "fun" I have to laugh. Really?

But that's exactly what Kim Branch, with Keep North Fulton Beautiful, told us about a recent collection they had at the Lowe's Home Improvement store in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is minutes from downtown Atlanta.

Her group of volunteers introduced shoppers to plastic bag recycling one Saturday as they came in the front door. That's where the collection bins usually are and customers got an "aha" moment along with a tip card from yours truly. The tip card lists other recyclable items like bread bags, newspaper bags and even wrap from paper towels that can go in the same bin.

Before the event, the local Lowe's manager hadn't yet worked with A Bag's Life, even though the home improvement retailer is a national partner. But he became a believer right away and put our static clings on all the entrance doors and slapped stickers on the recycling bins, too.

What a coup! I get my name - and Don't Treat Me Like Trash slogan - plastered on valuable real estate and folks learned they can help the planet at the same time by bringing me back when they shop.

All in a good day's work by volunteers from Keep North Fulton Beautiful! Thanks so much from the bottom of this bag.

If you're doing a collection event, perhaps around America Recycles Day, I'd love to know how it goes. We want to hear your stories, too.

And keep on recycling. smiley

- The Bag