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Corpus Christi Kicks Off Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge

In advance of America Recycles Day, Corpus Christi kicked off an educational campaign today between area schools designed to inspire, excite and challenge students and their parents to reduce, reuse and recycle their plastic bags.

Launched at Evans Special Emphasis Elementary School this morning and ending on Earth Day 2013, the competition has the backing of the City of Corpus Christi, Texas Retailers Association, Trex Company and A Bag’s Life.

The area school that collects the most plastic bags in the five-month competition, ending April 22, will receive a bench from Trex made from nearly 10,000 recycled plastic bags.

This plastic bag challenge brings government, schools, retailers and the industry together to work to reduce the number of bags and other plastic wraps in landfills. It coincides with America Recycles Day, celebrated annually on Nov. 15, as an all-out effort to bring awareness to local communities about the importance of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.

“We’ve been successful throughout the country in improving plastic bag recycling through our school challenge program,” said Stephanie Hicks, who heads up the initiative for Trex. “By taking the extra time to bring plastic bags back for recycling, students are giving that bag a second chance to be made into something else like outdoor decking, park benches, or even new bags. It’s a simple earth-friendly practice that can yield tremendous results.”

One of the other partners, A Bag’s Life ( has a handy zip code locater that identifies retailers throughout Corpus Christi that will take back plastic bags for recycling.

“A Bag’s Life slogan, ‘Don’t Treat Me Like Trash,’ really says it all,” said Ronnie Volkening, president and CEO of the Texas Retailers Association. “When you consider the thousands of retailers in Texas alone who recycle their plastic bags, it’s really easy to just bring them back to the store.”

Educating students at an early age is a great place to start, said Evans Principal Sylvester Wilson.

“Recycling makes sense and it provides the opportunity for our kids take personal responsibility to protect our environmental resources,” he said. “Individually we can all make a significant difference in how plastic bags are reused and recycled.”

In addition to plastic bags, retailers also recycle the following plastic items: newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bread and veggie bags, product wraps, furniture wraps, food storage bags, cereal box liners, tyvek, plastic shipping envelopes and ice bags, to name a few.