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19 Corpus Christi Schools Compete for Green B(r)agging Rights

The race to recycle is on for thousands of students in 19 Corpus Christi schools.

At last count, nearly one-third of the schools in the Independent School District had signed up for the Plastic Bag Challenge. The school that brings the most bags back to recycle by Earth Day wins a Trex bench, made from about 10,000 recycled bags

 And of course all-important bragging rights for going green!

The holidays offered a great time for kids to start to save grocery and other plastic bags to recycle at school. Not only can students recycle bags from stores like HEB, Walmart and Target, but also those from department stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s.

Lowe’s Home Improvement also is a big advocate of recycling. In fact, by recycling a Lowe’s bag, we are helping to “close the loop” since the giant home improvement retailer sells Trex composite lumber. These products are made of a unique combination of wood and plastic fibers which all come from reclaimed or recycled resources. As a result, their manufacturing process keeps thousands of tons of wood and plastic scrap out of landfills every year.


But the Plastic Bag Challenge doesn’t stop with bags.


Electronics may be on many holiday gift lists and the plastic that they come wrapped in can be recycled, too. Stretch wrap and shrink-wrap also are on the “yes” list, along with bubble wrap.


Other recyclable items include case wrap – the kind used to wrap soda bottles, canned goods, water bottles — as well as wrap that encases paper towels, toilet paper and even diapers.


Plastic cereal bags often are overlooked, but are fair game. If they’re clean they can be recycled, along with zip lock bags after the sandwich or chips are eaten!


Newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, dry produce and ice bags, bread bags and polyethylene foam used in wrapping furniture can be brought back to school to be recycled as well.


All these plastic bags and wraps add up quickly, and go toward your school winning the bench.


Here are the schools that have signed up so far. All will receive a special Trex birdhouse, made of course from recycled plastic bags!

 Evans Elementary   
 Collegiate HS   
 Yeager Elementary
 South Park Middle  School   
 Los Encinos Special  Emphasis School   
 Robert Wilson Elementary    
 Cullen Middle  School   
 Shaw SES   
 Woodlawn Elem   
 Driscoll Middle  School   
 Zavala Special Emphasis  School
 T.G. Allen  Elementary   
 Moody High School   
 First Baptist  School   
 Hamlin Middle  School   
 Roy Miller HS and Metro  Preparatory Academy   
 Metro Elem School of Design   
 Mary Carroll High  School