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Think Outside The Bag

Everyone, it seems, is looking for ways to reuse what’s on hand.

Enter the simple plastic bag. Recycling your plastic bags is one way to give them a second chance. You can drop them off at a store that takes them back and viola! your plastic bags are repurposed into benches, patio decking, crates and flower pots.

And at home there are endless uses for plastic bags. If you’ve got some great ideas — either educational or just plain fun — and know your way around a video camera, your winning entry could bag you some serious cash. (Pun intended.)

The A Bag’s Life recycling campaign in Florida is doing a statewide video contest to showcase your ideas. Click on the links for more info.

To get you started on ideas, we’ve searched the Internet and found abundant ways to reuse plastic bags at home. Here are some ideas that rose to the top.

Flower power. Crumpled bags make great filler in deep planters. Make sure the drainage hole is clear and then add your bags and finally the potting soil. The planter will be lighter and easier to move.

Scrap the bubble wrap. When moving or mailing packages, use crumpled up bags instead.

Handbag helper. Purse loosing its shape? Stuff it with bags and bring it back to life.

Keep it clean. Place sneakers and shoes in a plastic bag before packing your suitcase.

Waste not. Ask your grandma — they make great basket liners in your office, bathroom or diaper pail.

Paint patrol. Keep rollers or paint brushes from drying out while you take a break. Place them in the bag and then the freezer, and thaw before getting back to work.

Beach bound? Don’t forget the bags for your wet bathing suit and sandy towels.

Dry and toasty. Slip a bag over each sock before putting on rubber or snow boots. They’ll keep your feet and socks dry even if your shoes don’t.

Knee pads. Slip a bag around each knee before heading out to work in the garden. No mess. No fuss. No dirty knees.

Shower power. A bag or two will keep an arm or leg cast dry while you bathe.

Rain gear. Stuff a bag in your pocket or purse when heading out with the umbrella for dry storage later.

Hand it over. Bags make great gloves for shoveling  gross stuff like clumpy cat litter.

Knit picky. Cut bags into loops, knot them together and crochet. Check out YouTube to see how people from Africa to Appalachia fashion purses, hats, backpacks and duffle bags out of “plastic yarn.”

Stuff it. Fatten up Halloween scarecrows, goblins and ghosts with crumpled up bags instead of buying straw.

Doggone it. And the No. 1 reuse for plastic bags named by ALMOST everyone is…for picking up pooch poop.