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A Bag's Life: Virginia's Plan for Plastic Bags

A new Web site will soon help you find a place to recycle grocery bags

By Sam Brock (WTVR-CBS 6)

RICHMOND, VA — You get handfuls of plastic bags every time you go shopping but what happens to them once you empty them?

Virginia state leaders say they want to make it easier for you to recycle the bags so they don't end up in the trash. They've created a website called The site contains a store locator showing customers where to take the bags for recycling. There will be 800 facilities involved in all.

The bags will then be baled and used to create new products like siding or decking for homes.

On Monday at America Recycles Day at the Virginia Capitol, students from Robious Middle School pledged to do their part - something supporters say will be fundamental to the success of the program.

"If we can get the businesses involved, we can really get the word out. That's what the event is about- getting the word out to the community and saying, keep Virginia beautiful," said Cal Phelps an area manager with Walmart. "I will tell you, the biggest way to get the word across is through our school systems. The kids will support it, the kids will take it home to their parents."