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"A Bag's Life" spotlights recycling opportunities

By Rex Springston (Richmond Times Dispatch) — State officials, business people and school children kicked off a plastic-bag recycling campaign today called "A Bag’s Life."

The effort includes a website ( where people can find nearly 800 places to take old plastic bags to be recycled. The campaign was launched this morning during a program by the Bell Tower in Capitol Square. The campaign is supported by Gov. Bob McDonnell’s administration, Keep Virginia Beautiful and the Virginia Retail Federation, among others.

Bags that aren’t recycled can take up landfill space, create unsightly litter and even cause problems for wildlife — entangling birds, for example. Recycled bags can be turned into new bags or into a board-like material used in benches and decks. Today is America Recycles Day, which promotes recycling programs in the U.S.