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Campaign in Virginia encourages people to recycle plastic

By Gene Petriello (WWBT NBC 12)   RICHMOND, VA - There's a new push to help clean up our environment. It's called "A Bag's Life."

It's all about asking you to recycle or reuse plastic bags and much more. It's a simple green bin that can go a long way in helping us become part of a green planet.

So far, people like Ben Elliot are already pitching in his part.

"I've seen a few people in here recycling bags. I actually did that when I walked in here this morning," says Elliot.

But there are plenty of us that don't do what Ben does. That's exactly what state and local leaders want you to think twice.

Michael Baum works with Keep Virginia Beautiful. It's one of the organizations involved with this new campaign.

"Recycling sometimes takes a little work, but it is taking it away from the landfills," says Baum. Ben said it takes "two minutes" to recycle the plastic bags.

He adds, "the biggest challenge is to remember to bring them up here."

The unique thing about this program is how easy it is to find a place to recycle these bags. All you need to do is log on to your computer, pull up the website and enter your zip code. Then, dozens of locations will pop up, some possibly even right next door to your home.

In all, there are more than 800 locations statewide. We're not just talked about recycling plastic bags but these things that you probably have in your home.

Like the plastic around paper towels can be recycled. So too can the plastic packaging around foam plates.

And even the plastic around a case of water bottles. So if you're considering helping out, take this advice from Ben.

"I would encourage people to recycle and think about the planet." Something interesting to note -- in the Richmond area you can not put plastic bags in your own recycling bins at home. So you'll have to use