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In Virginia, It's a Slam Dunk

The folks at Keep Virginia Beautiful win our “innovative use of plastic bags in a pinch” award. At the organization’s booth at Richmond’s Earth Day Festival, contestants were invited to step up and shoot a basket, plastic bag style.

“We basically set up a hoop, made a basketball out of plastic bags and asked for $1 donations for three shots,” said KVB’s Dawn Neher. “Winners walked away with a canvas Walmart bag.”

Festival-goers found it easy to be drawn into all the hoop la going on next to the big KVB Banner. What’s become a regular fixture at environmental events, the banner is there for everyone to sign — and at the same time pledge to recycle and keep Virginia beautiful.

Dawn says the plastic bag ball will be back this fall during the Virginia State Fair, so you might want to practice your free throws over the summer!