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Talk about 'Gimme a second chance...

Kudos to Kroger and Target for rockin' on their recycling programs.

Through Kroger's Plastic Recycling Program, plastic bags, dry-cleaning bags and plastic shrink-wrap can be recycled in all stores. Plastic bags are collected and recycled into other products like plastic landscape bricks, plastic lumber and other plastic bags.

This program resulted in 26 million pounds of plastic being recycled from stores and distribution centers last year. This represents a 180 percent increase in plastic recycling since 2007!

Kroger's "Fill the Bag" training shows new associates how to optimally fill a plastic grocery bag. By placing more items in a bag and avoiding double bagging, Kroger plans to reduce plastic bag usage at its stores. Kroger also offers a wide variety of reusable bags and last year sold or provided more than 5 million - an average of 14,000 reusable shopping bags per day.

Both these efforts are paying off. In 2010, Kroger saved more than 159 million plastic bags and is 35 percent of the way to its goal of saving a billion bags by 2014.

In 2010, Target launched its comprehensive recycling program.

Shoppers can now easily recycle cans, glass, plastic bottles, plastic bags, MP3 players, ink cartridges and cell phones right in their local Target store. The plastic bags are sold to a vendor who converts them to composite decking.

In the first nine months of the new program, more than 170 million plastic bags were collected and recycled.

Keep up the good work!