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Recycling? It's in the bag

The Georgia Report

A recycling program that focuses on the plastic bags used by shoppers was kicked off at the state capitol Tuesday by DCA Commissioner Mike Beatty and the chairs of the two committees on natural resources, Sen. Ross Tolleson (R-Perry) and Rep. Lynn Smith (R-Newnan).

Called "A Bag's Life," the recycling program has identified nearly 750 locations at grocery and retail stores where consumers can dispose of their plastic shopping bags.

"Most of our members already have established plastic bag and wrap recycling in their stores," said Kathy Kuzava, president of the Georgia Food Industry Association. "A Bag's Life simply takes those efforts one step further by making it easy for customers to locate the nearest recycling opportunity at their favorite local retailer."

"By taking the extra time to bring our bags and wraps back to the store to be recycled, we are giving that bag a second chance to be made into something else like outdoor decking, park benches, or even new bags," said Gloria Hardegree, executive director of the Georgia Recycling Coalition.