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Earth Day Texas celebrated in big way

Dallas may have seen some rain last weekend during Earth Day Texas, but that didn’t douse the activities that make this a spectacular annual event.


A Bag’s Life was there with our partner Kroger, along with 800 other exhibits. Wow! Texas is a huge state and they do everything in a big way, so it’s only right that the free two-day festival brought out large crowds to Fair Park on April 26 and 27.

Earth-Day-Texas - A-Bag's-Life-booth

The idea of EDTx is to elevate environmental awareness throughout the Lone Star state.  Through displays, entertainment and education for all ages, it’s hoped that folks will be inspired to lead more sustainable lives at work, home and play.


At the Kroger booth, we gave out our iconic buttons that say, “Don’t Treat Me Like Trash” as reminders that plastic bags are easily reused and just as easily recycled at bins provided by local retailers.


Kroger stores nationwide are drop off points for plastic bags and film, among other recyclables. In 2013 the retailer recycled 1.1 million pounds of plastic bags in its Dallas stores. That translates to 31½ semi-truck loads. 


These bags went on to live another life as backyard decks, playground equipment for kids, plumbing pipes, fencing and of course recycled plastic bags.


Pet owners also know the value of reuse where plastic bags are concerned. This sweetheart named Vanilla, who was featured on EDTx’s Facebook, surely knows first hand!


#EDTx 2014 may be over, but the lessons learned hopefully will resonate throughout the year.