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Dallas ISD Students Take On Plastic Bag Challenge


April 4, 2016

DALLAS -- Earth Day is just around the corner, and we have to ask: What are you doing to help save the world? Well, The students over at Dallas' De Zavala Elementary School could teach us all a thing or two about recycling.

They've collected over 50,000 plastic bags and wraps since the new year as a part of the Mayor's Grow South initiative.

"It gives us an opportunity to educate the students on recycling and help beautify the neighborhood," explained school nurse Cinda Lewis.

A total of 19 Dallas ISD schools were paired with a local grocery store to challenge students and their parents to reduce, reuse, and recycle their plastic bags.

On Monday, Mayor Pro Tem Monica Alonzo  was present to handpick the most decked out posters to decorate the school's recycling bin.

"We came to judge what the kids have put together, to be able to educate the people in the community on how to recycle," Alonzo told NewsFix.

Hey! When it comes to Earth Day, these students have it in the bag!