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Pamela Morrow finds inspiration for her craft in her fridge, pantry and garage. From her home in Flagler Beach, FL, she fashions her artistry out of recycled plastic bags.

She quilts beautiful satchels and sacks, backpacks and book bags, pouches and purses out of free plastic bags found around the home. The difference is, what you  or I might discard, she creatively repurposes.


Pamela showcases her work in The Gallery of Local Art in her seaside town wedged between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine and on Etsy, the popular e-commerce website of homegrown artists.

She doesn’t leave much to the imagination what she eats for breakfast, or the kind of potting soil she uses in her garden or where she shops. After all, it’s the logos for these brands that make her bags one-of-a-kind treasures.

A seamstress since she was eight, Pamela learned the art of recycled plastic bag fusing three years ago after being laid off from her job. A YouTube video gave her instructions on how to iron plastic bags into fabric. She has taken it a few steps farther, incorporating zippers, clasps and lining into her projects. No guess here where this recycled plastic bag was “born.” Pamela gave it a second chance as a backpack and it’s one of her favorites.


What separates Pamela is her use of recycled clear wrap, which enables the logos and packaging to become part of her artistry.

She uses eight layers of bags and clear wrap, fuses them together, then quilts the pieces, reinforces the bag, oftentimes adds lining and then embellishes them to add just that little bit extra.

Here she is on a typical day, sorting through her collection of recycled plastic bags. Check out this tutorial she made with her grandson for the learning website Instructables. She makes it look simple enough for a seven-year-old.

Maybe you can do the same. For more of Pamela’s work, go to her shop, theonlygirl, on Etsy.

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