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The Bag Speaks Up About the Video Contest

You’ve seen me on this  ‘A Bag’s Life’ website and on buttons and ads. I’m the free plastic bag with enough chutzpah to tell you: “Don’t treat me like trash” and “Gimme a second chance.”

Now for my next act: I want to be in pictures.

So if you live in Florida, get out your video camera and make my dreams come true. You could win some cash if you’ve got the best and most creative clip.

Reuse me. Recycle me. Repurpose me. And show others how it’s done in 60 seconds or less.

About the Contest

Sponsored by a coalition of recycling partners, A Bag’s Lifevideo contest runs through the summer, ending Sept. 5. The assignment is to create a positive, up-to-one-minute-long video featuring original content, promoting the reuse and recycling of plastic shopping bags like those found in grocery and home improvement stores.

Entries should be submitted at and are being accepted in two categories:  Reuse and Recycling.

For “Reuse,” entries should depict fun, positive ways plastic bags can be reused. For example, ideas could include: reusing bags as a rain hat, lunch bag, wet bathing suit tote, suitcase shampoo wrapper, shoe saver, cast protector or poop picker-upper.

“Recycling” entries should be educational in nature and showcase the positive ways you remember to recycle your bags, or how you remind others to recycle theirs.  When recycled, we bags can go on to have great second lives as low-maintenance fencing, decking, building and construction products and of course, new bags.

“Use your imagination to make videos that are fun and engaging,” said Lauren McCarthy of the Florida Recycling Partnership. “We believe the reuse/recycle message doesn’t need to be a lecture. There are lots of creative people out there and we are looking forward to laughing and learning.”

Are your creative juices running?  Great!  Before you get started, take some time to learn more about how versatile plastic bags can be – and how easy it can be to take them back to participating stores for recycling. Click here for more information.

The grand-prize winner in each category will receive $1,500, second place $500 and third place $250. You can go to the site and rate each video with up to five stars and the final three will be chosen from the top five vote-getters in each category. So get shooting and upload your video ASAP to maximize its exposure.