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Know of a Creative Way to Reuse Plastic Bags?

By Melissa Eichman, Bay News 9

A statewide summer project is looking for creative ideas to help to get the word out about recycling.

A new recycling contest called 'A Bag's Life' wants your ideas on what to do with all plastic grocery bags.

University of South Florida TV production student Dan Bakst recently entered the contest.

"I thought it would be a fun idea, like having bags as your friends, like a roommate almost," he said.

Bakst and his friends wrote, shot and edited the video and a song.

Publix super market is a sponsor of the campaign and hopes this contest will be a fun way to learn about recycling.

"Bust out your camcorder, and take a quick little video, no more than one minute about the benefits of re-using plastic bags or fun ways to recycle plastic bags," said Publix spokesperson Shannon Patten.

Bakst hopes his creative approach to encourage recycling leaves people with more than laughs.

"Just do a small part and it can really add up," he said. "If everyone does a small part, because it's really easy to recycle plastic bags."

The Bag's Life contest runs through September 5th. Prizes range from $250 to $1500.