Bag Blog

Friends, pooper-scoopers and other funny stuff

By Eden Joyner

Have you checked out the video contest entries lately? The votes are piling up and even the media is taking notice.

I thought the Poop Patrol ditty submitted by Mindy Kodish was cute — and memorable — and then I clicked on My Best Friend by Dan Bakst, a USF film school student, and couldn’t get the tune out of my head.  Bay News 9 in Tampa picked up on it last week and did a full story. You can check it out at

After I stopped laughing, I realized that the idea of a plastic bag being Dan’s best friend — or anyone’s best friend for that matter — was a stretch.  And then I clicked on the Bag Strike video by Matt Duncan. It’s a news story with lots of intrigue about recycling that includes a historical treaty being signed and a happy ending.

Who thought making films about plastic bag recycling could be so creative and even lucrative? Now, during these long hot summer months while you’re taking a break from school, is a good time to take on a fun and creative challenge like this — and possibly win some cash.

It’s best to keep the videos light and lively. As long as it’s under a minute, meaningful, funny and original, you have a good chance of winning.

Here are some tips if you’d like to enter the competition to promote recycling or reusing plastic bags, help the environment, and possibly make some money. Seems like a sweet deal to me.

  • Be one with the bag. Find a plain white plastic bag and stare at it. Learn how the bag works, what fits inside it, and what doesn’t fit inside it. The more you understand your subject, the better your video will be.
  • Upbeat is best. Like I already said, keep it light and lively. They're not looking for a documentary. Get your message across quickly with something funny or memorable.
  • Think outside the bag. Brainstorm other types of plastic bags. Don’t limit yourself to the grocery variety. Dry cleaning bags and newspaper bags are recyclable, too.
  • Make it your own. If it’s not original content, it’s not going to get posted. A few entries weren’t posted because they included photos and music that weren’t the filmmaker’s. If you’re not musically inclined, you can always hum a tune. Come on, I know you can be funny, creative and produce a 1-minute video of your own.
  • Bag ideas. Here are some of my ideas: dancing with your bag, plastic bag fashions, a bag soap opera. Make your video LOL quality. You’re sure to get more votes if people get a good chuckle.
  • Check, please. Take a look at the other entries to see what was done well or might have been done better. But remember, original content only!

It’s time to grab your video camera and get creative. Make us all laugh and please make an effort to recycle your plastic bags. And keep in mind that if you don’t treat them like trash, you could get rewarded.