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Pledge to Recycle

With overwhelming support from all ages, Keep Virginia Beautiful recently launched a new campaign called “I Will Keep VA Beautiful” to encourage people to recycle across the state.

Virginia residents were invited to sign our “I Will” banner at the State Fair. It was on display for 10 days and thousands of people signed on to pledge to recycle and in general keep the Commonwealth beautiful.

It’s hard to read in this photo, which is a bit cloudy, but personal notes were clear as a beautiful fall day in Virginia that recycling is alive and well — and growing in our glorious state.

KVB believes that all of us should do our individual part for our home, community and state. With a renewed sense of mission, we invite everyone to unite and engage in activities to improve upon our natural and scenic environment.

A Bag’s Life is one way you can recycle your free grocery bags. The new website,, has a handy locator app that directs you to the nearest retail store where you can drop them off to be recycled.  Almost 800 stores are already listed.

The goals of KVB include becoming a statewide voice, providing a framework for improved communication and collaboration, cultivating and supporting sustainable programs and engaging citizens by linking them to volunteer opportunities and information that include litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, beautification and education.

What will you do to Keep Virginia Beautiful? 

Take a stand now and pledge "I Will" keep Virginia beautiful by recycling...

By Mike Baum, executive director, Keep Virginia Beautiful