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Bins and bags and recycling in the schools

Everything is big in Texas, it seems. So when the Galveston Independent School District decided to hold another A Bag’s Life plastic bag recycling competition, it was anyone’s guess just how huge it would be. 

With two months to go until Earth Day, when the last bag is counted, students across the district have collected an eye-popping 274,000 plastic bags and wraps Since America Recycle’s Day in November! That’s more than a quarter-of-a-million bags that will get a second life as decking, benches or even new bags.

It appears Galveston students are well on their way to exceeding the 350,000 bags collected last year.

Students started the competition on America Recycles Day and were challenged to spruce up their recycling bins with an artistic flair. The bins came from The Trex Company, which will also name two winning schools to receive a bench made from — you guessed it — recycled plastic bags.

A ton of creativity went into doctoring up the bins. This one from Oppe Elementary School is too cute.  Those big eyes, ruby red lips and beautiful planet artwork stole our heart.

Burnet Elementary students went with their mascot to coax fellow pirates into recycling plastic bags.  Aargh! We like it! A lot.

There was no dancing around the theme at Austin Middle School. Students clearly were singing the praises of recycling plastic bags.

The students at Morgan Elementary went with a colorful, glittery and educational reduce, reuse, recycle bin. It’d be hard to miss the colorful “green” themed box in the hallway.

In the end, the judges at Clean Galveston awarded the prize of a $250 library donation to O'Connell College Prep High School. Decorated on all four sides, the bin looks great and sure is filling up fast. 

Here’s the happy group after making the award presentation.

From left, Clean Galveston Chairman Elect Brack Collier, Science Teacher Nina Corley, Librarian Barbara Alcala, Student Winner Luke Nonmacher and Clean Galveston Chair Sheryl Rozier.