Meet the Bag Family

Family Tree

The Bag Family

I've got a pretty big family and we all want to be recycled when you go to the store. Below you'll find my relatives who also don't want to be treated like trash!

Newspaper Bags

  • They protect millions of newspapers from damage every day and you can do right by them by getting them into the recycling stream.

Dry Cleaning Bags

  • Some dry cleaners actually have their own recycling programs, but if yours doesn't, bring them back with me.  

Bread Bags

  • Shake the crumbs out first and they're good to go.

Veggie Bags

  • These bags can be pretty important because they help keep your produce separated from things like raw meat.

Product Wraps

  • These come with toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, diapers and more.  And I bet you end up with a lot of these guys — probably more than bags! Aren't you glad all this wrap can be diverted from a landfill too?

Furniture Wrap

  • Think about that wrap that kept your sofa from getting scratched or dirty during a move. Valuable, wasn't it? Well recyclers want it too!

Electronic Wrap

  • This includes bubble wrap as well. 

Plastic Retail Bags

  • Be sure to remove any hard plastic and string handles first.

Food Storage Bags

  • If they’re clean and dry, bring ‘em back!

Cereal Box Liners

  • If it tears like paper, don’t include it, but otherwise if it's clean, you can recycle it.


  • If it’s plain, with no sticky labels.

Plastic Shipping Envelopes

  • Remove the labels first.

Ice Bags

  • Take away any metal closures and wait for them to dry out first.

Bag’s labeled #2 or #4

  • Clean and dry bags can go back to the store to be recycled.